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Currently due to the COVID-19 Pandemic all of our groups are full and we aren't actively looking for any new volunteers, however if you would like to be added to our waiting list please get in touch by visiting our contact page, this can be done by sending Ian Walters an email or using the contact form. 

Group Leaders
Have you got a completed form for the volunteers you have in your group?
Can you guide each volunteer to the video of the EH on the SK website.
Have you got a written record of who volunteers each SK night?
Please always update Ian Walters of all group members and their details.
Volunteer Registration Form
Record Per Evening
Ipswich Outreach Charity Documents:


It is now law that all foods must show the allergen content when sold. This also applies to us when supplying at the Soup Kitchen.
When preparing food for your night, please make sure you note all the allergens that it contains and give this to your group leader.
You may find this easier if you supply the same food each time you are on; this way you need only do this once.
The links below shows the allergen chart that has to be shown on the night if requested, also an explanation of the allergen types and what to look for.
Allergens in food served on these premises
Food allergen risk assessment
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