The Bus

The Ipswich Outreach Bus

The idea of the Ipswich Outreach bus came from many years of working with the Ipswich Soup Kitchen. Although the Ipswich Soup Kitchen has a fundamental role in keeping people alive by providing the essentials that they need such as, food, drink, toiletries, sleeping bags, and other essential items as well as being able to signpost our clients to other agencies who can push them forward in getting them off the streets. We work on the streets meaning that some agencies will not come down to us as they do not have an office for their paperwork, this is where the idea of the Ipswich Outreach Bus came from.


The Ipswich Outreach bus has facilities throughout that can be used by the different agencies. The bus has storage throughout allowing us to store donations that we give away at the Soup Kitchen and allows the Health Outreach team to store their essential items so that if they need to give anything away while they are down the soup kitchen with us then they have the capacity to do this too.


At the rear and front of the bus, there are two rooms that can be closed off from the center of the bus, this allows other agencies to work with us so that they can have some privacy when speaking to a client and allows them a place for their paperwork and a place for them to work.

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