NHS Health Outreach Team

The Marginalised and Vulnerable Adults Service

A service for Homeless People, Refugees & Asylum Seekers, Gypsies and Travellers, Migrant Workers, BME groups and Ex-Offenders.

Our Services

We engage clients that have complex needs and provide them with treatment, information and advice on health related issues. We also facilitate access to GP’s and other mainstream health and social services.
We also provide:
Initial health and social need assessments
Minor illness and injury assessments and immediate health interventions
Substance Misuse and Alcohol dependence Assessments and Treatment access / support
Needle Exchange
Hepatitis Vaccinations and screening
Blood Bourne Virus Screening and result support
Wound Care
Nutrition and weight management
Smoking Cessation
Mental Health assessments and support / access to GP link workers
Sexual Health screening
Pregnancy Testing and results support
Contraception referral and free condoms
Signposting and advocacy for health and social care issues
Access to interpreters for health and social care issues
Access to specialist counselling – following needs assessment
Health Outreach NHS
Main Office
70-74 St Helens Street
Ipswich, IP4 2LA

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